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Stay tuned for two amazing productions, one minute entrepreneur news shows and a talk show. From the popular small business talk radio show, BizBuzz Florida, award winning NBC News talk radio host, John Frazier, is launching a new TV talk show that will be the first of its kind, an entrepreneur TV Talk show to debut in the August 2018.

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John Frazier


The very show that John moved home to Austin Texas to launch, BizBuzz America, after ending his game changing NBC News talk radio show is now coming to fruition this August 2018. His original launch date Winter 2015 became consumed by a diagnosis given by an Austin oncologist that told John he had stage 3 colon cancer and wouldn’t live 2 years. Fortunately John’s perseverance and unwavering belief in his mission prevailed. Coming back better than ever, John will be hosting BBA News and BizBuzz America beginning August 2018.


These tasty videos will recap the top entrepreneur and start up stories of the week in these 60 – 90 second stories.

ENTREPRENEUR TV TALK SHOW – featuring Vision Pitch

A new TV talk show that will be the first of its kind, an entrepreneur TV Talk show to debut in the Fall 2018. John’s talk show will feature  excerpts from his nationally renowned 30 strategy sessions that goes back to 2014 when he started doing these for his radio audience. When John’s NBC News talk radio show aired the radio stations’ phone lines were jammed with entrepreneurs who wanted to talk directly to him about their small business.  Thus John started his 30 minute strategy sessions purely to help entrepreneurs gain insights for proven strategies to grow their business. Today, John has 10 or more sessions per week with entrepreneurs from all over the U.S who pitch their vision for a new or existing business.  The sessions are fun, interesting and insightful as he cuts through the noise and share with the entrepreneur his ultimate actionable growth hacking tactics.

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